Most people want to show respect and sensitivity to people with disabilities. But they simply don’t know how, and with good reason: amid dozens of disabilities and millions who have them, there is so much to know that it overwhelms most people.

That’s where David Whalen comes in.

An engaging speaker with nearly 20 years in the field of disabilities, he strips down the complex issues to their understandable essence — and clearly communicates the steps anyone can take to respond properly to people with disabilities.

Moreover, because every organization is different, every seminar is different. Whalen customizes his presentations to the specific issues, sensitivities, and level of awareness within each organization.

As a result, you get precisely the seminar your organization needs. Your people get an up close look at the lives of people with disabilities — and a wealth of tips for treating them with respect. Your organization becomes more welcoming — and better able to attract a greater diversity of experience and talent.